Learn Vehicles

Learn Vehicles
  • CategoryEducation
  • Requirements4.1 and up
  • File Size13M
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  • DeveloperMBD Group
  • SourceAndroid
  • PlatformAndroid
  • Installs1,000+

Application Description

Education is an important aspect in a kid’s life and it is essential that they get acquainted with common things from an early age. That is why we have come up with an amazing educational app for kids i.e. ‘Learn Vehicles’. This app will assist your kids to gain knowledge about three types of vehicles, which are Air Vehicles, Water Vehicles and Land Vehicles in a creative way.

Kids will be able to learn the names of vehicles in a creative and interactive manner. This app also includes an interesting game wherein they have to drag and drop images of various vehicles with their correct shadows. In this way, kids will easily learn the vehicles name along with their correct pronunciation.

This app is appropriate for toddler and preschool kids to memorize name of the vehicles with correct pronunciation and spellings.

Kids easily grasp information provided to them in a creative manner as it holds their curious minds at a place and they take an interest to learn information because it contains various images presented to them in a colorful manner. A kid’s mind will only stay at one place if it holds his interest and this app contains everything that will help a child and will be beneficial for them in the long run.

If you are looking for a great learning app for your tiny tots, then this is where your search ends. This app holds the interest of everyone from parents to children to grandparents as it is quite easy to use and will prove to be a great learning app for your kids.

This app includes following vehicles: Ambulance, Auto Rickshaw, Bicycle, Bus, Car, Cement Mixer, Crane, Jeep, Motorbike, Aeroplane, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Rocket, Glider, Ship, Submarine, Yacht, Boat.

Amazing features:
All types of vehicles with their pronunciations and spellings.
A fun game of drag and drop.
Interactive and creative app.
Appropriate for toddlers and pre-school kids.
Compatible on any smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc.